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Name: Rufus Quinones
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BRUSSELS (AP) — Brussels is more accustomed to the toing and froing of European diplomats than to truckloads of soldiers patrolling
the streets. Its stores and markets should be bustling in the runup to

But three days of the highest terror alert and unprecedented
measures that have closed down the city's subways, schools and main stores,
has created a very different atmosphere as the Belgian capital
tries to avoid attacks similar to the ones that caused devastating carnage in Paris.

Belgian Army soldiers patrol near Christmas huts in front of the old Brussels' stock exchange on Sunday,
Nov. Western leaders stepped up the rhetoric against the Islamic State group on Sunday as residents of the Belgian capital awoke to largely empty streets and the city entered its second day under the highest threat level.
(AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)
syndication. 13 attacks in France last spotted crossing into Belgium, the city kept subways
and underground trams closed. With a menace of Paris-style attacks against Brussels and a missing suspect
in the deadly Nov.

"They have a lot of attention on them now so they have to prove they're doing something, but I don't know how much difference this will make," said Maxime Legena, an IT technician.
"We don't really know how big this threat is because the government hasn't said very much.

"It's fitting since Belgium is the birthplace of surrealism but there is an otherworldly
feeling here," said Jan Van Gent, a retired pharmaceutical manager. "This is like a Magritte
painting, to see these soldiers in a nice town where they don't belong.

29, 2015, photo, a Bright Beats Dance iid=17be711a01fe40d38163974b43e97a3erecordid=17be711a01fe40d38163974b43e97a3erole=Previewmedia=Photodest=akofn=Holiday%2bShopping-Hot%2bToys-List.
jpgauthToken=eNoti0sOwyAQQ08EGn4TukDqVcKESLNoiCCoWczhS6t6YUt%2btpQ7oQvRO%2bfhp4exXojTkq3F2akdMSiyzqsYYVe4LoALANGapfI27xCcjJ6oHlfjPK7a%2bjOPzkfp0zpvpWmqLxk8xwbQyflOf2ACCJ8JvZ5Am2%2ba8AHfjy2R">syndication. JPEGrelativeUrl=jpg/2015/201511/25/7b226400f665c234880f6a706700ccab.

But anything "Star Wars," life-like robotic pets and remote controlled toys should drive sales. And so far, just as in the past few years, there's no single hot toy emerging. Holiday toys hit the shelves in recent weeks.

Here is my web site; Continuing

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